About the Charm Ring by Petra Azar

About the Charm Ring by Petra Azar

The Charm Ring by Petra Azar with Charm

Amazing idea for collectors of Pandora, ChamiliaTrollbeads or any charms you can find on Etsy…

Chances are, your mom, daughter, sister, or BFF wears a charm bracelet and just loves to collect these beautiful beads; it’s even possible she has no more room on her bracelet for yet another bead, or - for some reason - she stopped wearing her charm bracelet? ... Here is an idea, next time you are looking for an affordable BIRTHDAY or MOTHER’S DAY GIFT, choose the MAGNETIC CHARM RING I invented exclusively to accommodate almost any of her beads.

The ring shank comes with one of our beads, free of charge and is on sale for just $49, which is the average price of a nice Pandora Bead. It’s from solid sterling silver and comes in size 4 -10.

Trust me, she will appreciate that you came up with something new, instead of just another bead. She will have so much fun creating her own ring. In fact, a different one, day after day, to match her nail - polish, her wardrobe, her every mood.  

Besides: NO MORE STRUGGLE WITH THE KNUCKLE!!! My ring shank is constructed with a smooth hinge on the bottom to open wide. Once in place, just click it together and it will fit the slim part of your finger, instead of your knuckle.

Disclaimer: Pandora, Chamilia, Troll Beads, Etsy, etc. are registered trademarks. HB Concepts LLC/Petra Azar is a separate company unrelated to these companies, brand names or trademarks.



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