Create Your Own Ring!

Create Your Own Ring!

Get a ring that you will truly love, The Petra Azar Charm Ring, specifically designed to allow you to give your favorite bead a special place on your finger instead of it getting lost on your bracelet!

The Charm Ring is a patented revolutionary invention, designed by Petra Azar to fit most designer brand beads and charms manufactured and sold by companies such as Pandora. 

Infused with rare earth magnets, this amazing ring was designed to celebrate the beads you already own or will acquire next. Simply move them from your bracelet to become the glorious centerpiece of your new ring. Be it for sentimental reasons, or just because you like the looks of it on your finger, this ring will double your pleasure of owning your wonderful bead charms.  Extra bonus: it opens on top, so you never again have to struggle to get your ring over your knuckle.

DISCLAIMER: Pandora is a registered trademark. HB Concepts LLC/Petra Azar is a separate company unrelated to these companies, brand names or trademarks.


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