Birthstone Heart Pendant

  • Birthstone Hearts Collection
  • Birthstone Hearts Collection
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  • Adjustable Necklace Chain
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Birthstone Heart Pendant

  • Description

You can close this necklace with the utmost ease right in front under your chin, thereby avoiding traditionally cumbersome clasps in the back of the neck. Our necklaces also feature adjustable chains, meaning they can be worn high for formal wear or lower for a more casual style. 

  • Size: Large, 2cm x 2cm
  • Material: Solid Sterling silver, infused with rare earth magnets
  • Material Color: Polished sterling silver with oval birthstone gemstone in center (varies by month)
  • Other Material: Rhodium plated for tarnish protection 
  • Clasp: contains 4 rare earth magnets
  • Extendable chain allowing you to change from choker length to 22” length to fit the neckline of any outfit, or for a layered look with other jewelry.
  • Engraving on back "Stronger Together" and authentic designer signature Petra Azar.
  • Warranty: Lifetime on all manufacturing defects
  • Each necklace will be shipped in a beautiful black gift box with a red ribbon. 

*Multiple styles shown, only one necklace is included.